Guns N Roses Guitar Tabs | Learn To Play Their Songs

Learning Guns N Roses songs on your guitar is not just about size or shape of your guitar. It’s to do with the way it feels when you tuck it close to your body, about the way the strings respond to the way you touch them, even the way it smells … Think of it more like a first date!

Do You Want To Learn How Play Guns N Roses Songs?

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If you want to play like the band Guns N Roses, then you are going to either have to learn the tabs of their songs, or really enjoy their music.

How to Learn and Master the Guitar

When I started learning guitar the first thing I was confronted with was the seemingly insurmountable task of memorizing all the chords in a monster guitar chord book containing 1,001 chords.

The idea was to learn a chord a week, even at the tender age of thirteen I knew that meant lots of guitar lessons, the first two weeks went quite well, I remembered my chords and started to have some sense of achievement, however tragedy struck the third week when I learnt my third chord for some reason totally forgot one of the chords I have previously learnt.

Latter in my guitar playing life as I spoke with other guitarists I came to realize that apparently this situation was quite common amongst guitarists but at the time I did not know this so I set about learning chords by an entirely different approach.

Here's what I did...

I soon realized my problem was that I was learning random unrelated chord shapes without understanding why I was placing my fingers in these particular shapes and without gaining the essential musical skills that would allow me to connect what I was learning to previously learnt material.

grid 1: = strings 1, 2 & 3

grid 2: = 2, 3, & 4

grid 3: = 3, 4, & 5

grid 4: = 4, 5, & 6

The concept is to take your three note chord and play every possible inversion of that chord exclusively on the string grid before moving on to the next string grid.

Here is the three possible ways to play a C chord on grid 1







That's all the C chords on the first grid (I'm restricting my chords to the first twelve frets of the guitar, once you go beyond the twelfth fret the guitar repeats itself, if you have a guitar with a cutaway obviously you will want to extend your chord playing to encompass all the possible shapes available on your guitar.

guitar a chord

You know if that chemistry’s right … and I’ve never yet met another guitar teacher who’ll tell you how to pick the right guitar the way I show you.

Now, I’m sure you’ll agree, that’s not starting in the middle, is it? That’s starting at the start! From there, you’re not just playing tunes … you’re building a relationship with your instrument.

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Learn Guitar Chords Online - How to Cheat at Guitar Chords and Get Away With It

Even wondered how experienced guitarists seem to navigate their way through even the most difficult chord changes?

What they are playing does not seem to be physically difficult; in many cases the shapes look strangely familiar.

So what's the deal?

How do they know how to play all these complex chords?

- and how do they do it with ease?

The BIG secret is "plurality".

Now, I bet you weren't expecting that!

What the heck is plurality - it sounds like something you'd go to the doctor for treatment.

A "plurality" means a multiple functions.

Here's an example using the note "C", if we consider the many double functions that note could have in the various major scales.


Of course this is only just the tick of the musical iceberg.

If we extended our C chord one more step to create CMaj9 we would have many more possibilities.

CMaj9 = C-E-G-B-D

Can you see them?

CMaj9 = C-[E-G-B]-D

E minor = E-G-B

and G major G-B-D

CMaj9 = C-E-[G-B-D]

Again the same concept could apply as before the you could play G major chord over a C major background to create a C Maj9th harmony

You could also move between an E minor or G major chord /arpeggio to create a feeling of movement on a static C major vamp.